The 21st annual "Taste of Italy" is going on this weekend!

MILWAUKEE -- The 21st annual "Taste of Italy" is going on this weekend! Ann Romano from the Italian Community Center joins FOX6 WakeUp with the details.

Italian Community Center (website)

The Italian Community Center (ICC) was established to serve Italian Americans and to serve the community at large. It carries on human relations activities on a charitable basis for the purpose of demonstrating to the community the positive force of Milwaukee’s Italian American citizens. It plans, promotes and carries out other charitable, educational and cultural activities which best serve the welfare of Americans of Italian extraction and the community at large.

 The Italian Community Center foster a pride in, and an awareness of, Italian culture by sponsoring lectures, classes, conferences and study groups devoted to the contributions which Italians have made to this country and to mankind.

 The Italian Community Center organizes and hosts Festa Italiana, the annual celebration of Italian culture, heritage and entertainment, at the Summerfest Grounds.