Sneak peek look at family owned, operated orchard in Cedarburg

Nine generations of the Nieman Family have lived and worked on the Pioneer Road homestead for over 160 years -- and on Wednesday Chip got a sneak peek look at all they have to offer. According to their website, in 1852, Johann Niemann immigrated to the United States with his family from Germany and settled on a 100 acre farm in Cedarburg, Wisconsin.


In the 1880's the barn and house at our Pioneer Road farm were built and stand to this day. In the 1920's Roland Nieman planted the first apple trees on Pioneer Road and later on 50 acres were purchased between Western Road and Bridge Street in the Town of Cedarburg. Roland's son, Willard, took 40 acres of Bridge Street and renamed the orchard HI View Orchard. Today, Nieman Orchard consists of 35 acres on the original, Pioneer Rd farm and 40 acres from the old HI View farm on Bridge Street. Click here to learn more.