Sharpen your techniques: Chip learns about the woodworking program at MATC

OAK CREEK -- Chip spent the day at the Oak Creek campus of MATC to learn about their woodworking program.

MATC: Architectural Woodworking/Cabinetmaking (website)

Sharpen your techniques and attain the skills needed to work in cabinet shops, millwork shops, furniture factories, display shops and maintenance shops through this two-semester program. The curriculum includes how to read blueprints, make detailed drawings, and use machinery commonly used in the woodworking industry.

Career Outlook: The employment outlook for cabinetmakers, machine operators and repair people is favorable. There are many changes taking place in the woodworking industry, and current training is a marketable asset.

Career Pathway: This program features exploratory courses that count toward a credential. Work continues to develop the program into a fully embedded Career Pathway.

Program Code: 31-409-1

Start Date: August

Detailed Program Information:
Fall 2016 – Spring 2017 Course Requirements