Royal Roost: "Once you’ve eaten truly fresh eggs, it’s hard to go back"

PEWAUKEE -- Kramp spent the morning at the Royal Roost in Pewaukee. Royal Roost provides people with the resources to raise their own chickens. Owner Karen Krumenacher has been raising chickens in her backyard for 20 years.

About Royal Roost (website)

I’m Karen Krumenacher, and I’ve been raising chickens in the backyard of my suburban home for nearly 20 years. Over the years, as our kids have grown, our whole family has gotten into the act.

And let me tell you: Once you’ve eaten truly fresh eggs, it’s hard to go back to the kind you get at a grocery store. Farm-fresh eggs — free-range or not — are delicious; with bright, substantial yolks and firm whites. You’ll not only see, but TASTE the difference!

The best way to get this kind of fresh eggs is to have your own flock of chickens. It’s much easier than most people imagine, and you don’t need to have a farm to be able to keep a flock!