Roll Train: Milwaukee's fitness class on wheels opens new location

MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee's fitness class on wheels is rolling into a new location! Kasey Chronis laced up her skates Monday morning, Dec. 10 with Roll Train.

About Roll Train (website)

Get on the Rollllllllll Train and set it free!

Could you use some more JOY in your life?  What if it also came with great live (not online) people, fitness, and some soul?  Do you remember ROLLER SKATING???

Roll Train is a roller dance class for exercise and FUN! We teach beginner through advanced levels, from people who have never had wheels on their feet to those who are ready for choreographed routines. Not only will this workout give you fierce abs, glutes and legs, it will bring a JOY to your life like nothing else. Roller dance is an art form, an expression of individuality as unique as each skater, but at the same time it is a unifying force among the many different people who all have one thing in common – a pure love for skating. Anywhere you go in this country, or the world, you will find “skate family” who welcome you to their wood, concrete, or cement to enjoy a session of unapologetic bliss with strangers who you suddenly feel know you better than your actual family. That’s because you are united with others who feel the same sense of freedom and release every time a groove starts their wheels turning. The exercise is real, and the skate love is pure magic! Roller dance didn’t die with disco, its alive and well and we want you to experience it, all while getting in fantastic shape. Whether you are a derby girl or someone who has never had wheels on their feet, this can be your happy place. It’s a great workout, a way to forget about anything that’s bothering you for an hour or more, a place to be with like-minded joy-seekers, a way to let music fill up your soul and make your wheels flow, a way to express yourself creatively even if you don’t think you have a creative bone in your body. We promise, you do. You might have just needed 8 wheels to feel it!

We teach proper form/posture, balance, weight shifting, and basic moves, then move on to transitions, combinations and routines all while jamming to great, soulful, inspiring music. No skates? No problem. We have rentals, just tell us your size and we’ll get you set to go for class! Our hope is to keep classes together so you can roll with your sk8 family weekly and eventually add in your own routines! No one is left behind as we will build our levels and repeat classes around our students for maximum learning and experience. We can promise fun, a great workout, and some truly happy moments. 

Roller skating will make you physically stronger than you ever imagined but more than that, you’ll feel this roll in your soul …you may never NOT want wheels on your feet again. Get your groove on and get fit in the process – see you in class!

Roll Train's new space is located at 3610 W. Pierce St. in Milwaukee. Click HERE for more details, including a class schedule.