Ready for Halloween? Using the magic of makeup to create the perfect disguise

MILWAUKEE -- It's the one time of year we can disguise ourselves to be whatever we want! We're talking about Halloween -- and it's only seven days away. Kasey spent the morning at Les Fashionistas where she's undergoing a major transformation through the magic of makeup!

About Les Fashionistas (website)

Tatiana Rocio, is a cancer survivor who has embraced a passion for making others feel beautiful inside and out. She is a fashion designer and a cosmetologist, who is looking to further herself in the fashion industry.

“I am a childhood cancer survivor, of a very rare throat cancer. That is how I actually got into the industry, and I love giving cancer or ill patients makeovers to see the smiles on their face...I am a licensed cosmetologist, and a student at the Art Institute of Wisconsin, expecting to graduated in December 2016 with a Bachelors in Fashion Design."

Having opportunities to work with many local designers, as well as participate in fashion shows & photoshoots, as either a makeup/hair artist or as a designer.

"I have been an active member of the fashion and beauty industry am looking to continue to grow and expand."

Les Fashionistas is based out of Have a Good Hair Day! Salon & Spa, located at 1910 N. Farwell Ave. in Milwaukee.