Need a sweet treat for Mother's Day? Check out all Mila's European Bakery has to offer

THIENSVILLE -- Kramp spent the morning at Mila's European Bakery to show off their new store front and get a tour of their bakery. He also learns a few tips on how to make the perfect cake, got cake ideas for Mother's Day and learned about their energy bar line that just started.

About Mila's European Bakery (website)

An Old Russian proverb says a girl should be able to sift flour before she can walk and knead bread before she can talk. That’s the world in which Mila Kofman was raised. A culture in which a jar of sourdough bread starter was a traditional gift from a mother to a bride-to-be on her wedding day. Bread was cherished and baking was a way of life. When Mila and her family immigrated to America in 1979, Mila had already added to her extensive cultural background with a degree in food technology and love for baking. In opening her small retail bakery in 1981, she put both her schooling and her family’s heritage to good use, turning out delectable breads, cakes and other pastries.

Today, Mila’s is in its 35th year of a successful business. Mila’s daughter, Anna, builds upon her family’s proud European tradition. Mila’s European Bakery uses the finest ingredients to create fresh, wholesome and delicious baked goods such as hand crafted mini pastries, creative cream cheese cut out cookies, gourmet European tortes and exquisite wedding cakes. With such an excellent selection, there is something for every palate.

A sincere thank you to our valued and loyal customers for their patronage over the past 35 years. Mila’s is not only a household name; it has a tradition of quality baked goods for all occasions. No holiday or event is complete without the exquisite taste of Mila’s.