Mother's Day: What you need to know before ordering flowers

MILWAUKEE -- Mother's Day is this weekend -- so what do you need to know when ordering flowers? Rhonda Deaver, co-owner of Snapdragon Flowers, joins FOX6 WakeUp with some tips.

About Snapdragon Flowers (website)

Snapdragon aims to be the floral industry leader in communicating emotion, celebrating life and enhancing image through innovative design and exceptional client service.


When you 'need flowers' you have choices... you can pop into a mass market retailer and grab something out of their cooler or off the shelf. You can jump online, randomly select a website and place an order.

Or... you can work with a local, brick and mortar, women-owned, fabulously fun custom floral studio!

We WON'T simply 'sell you flowers'. We WILL work with you to tell your story through beautiful flowers! From a stunning anniversary bouquet to an amazing client thank you gift, celebrations of life, corporate holiday parties and more, flowers communicate so many emotions and we can help you make the perfect selections.