Monkey Bar Gym wants you to check out its "Get Vicious" self-defense class

MILWAUKEE -- A month class at Monkey Bar Gym in downtown Milwaukee gives women the tools and tactics to defend themselves. Carl Deffenbaugh spent the morning learning how to "Get Vicious' from the lead instructor of this two hour self-defense program.

About Monkey Bar Gym (Facebook page)

Monkey Bar Gym’s mission is to change the way the world looks at health and fitness.

We want to open people's minds to experience how their bodies truly function. We follow the roots of nature in everything we do - we run, jump, crawl, climb, roll and react like on the playground as children. With a unique type of exercise that engages the entire body and mind, we build useable skills along with lasting confidence. Members are empowered to progress in a challenging, non-discriminating environment.

We strengthen ourselves through full body workouts and the foods the Earth provides us. Now it’s your turn. Join us!

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