Mobile classroom: The Dream Flight USA STEM Shuttle 'is as unique as it is stunning'

MILWAUKEE -- Brian Kramp spent the morning at Neeskara Elementary School in Milwaukee with the Dream Flight USA STEM Shuttle.

About Dream Flight USA STEM Shuttle (website)

The Dream Flight USA STEM Shuttle is as unique as it is stunning. The mobile classroom, its exterior a brilliant display of a space shuttle and outer space objects, is in reality a 45-foot long motor coach. Now in its 13th year of shuttle missions, the “field trip that visits schools,” in Wisconsin and adjacent states, continues to motivate upper elementary and middle school students to learn. As striking as its exterior may be, it’s what goes on inside the STEM Shuttle that is most important. A typical school day finds up to five groups, of 15 students at a time, spending up to an hour challenged by a series of hands-on activities on board the shuttle. The education process, aided by two on board teachers, is designed to motivate students to learn. In fact, the mission of the Dream Flight USA Foundation, located in Wausau, WI, is to “Motivate students to learn.”