Looking to get away? Here are the top three places to visit this summer

MILWAUKEE -- Looking to get away? Lisa Pease with Fox World Travel joins FOX6 WakeUp to rundown some of the top places to visit this summer.

Disney World
Tip-Work with a certified Disney Specialist.
There are a multitude of tricks and tips that only someone who specializes in Disney will know.

U.S. National Parks
Tip-Hotels within the National Parks or just outside book up as soon as 1 year in advance.
If you are looking for hotels for this year, rent a car and book a hotel 10-20 miles from the parks.
The availability and pricing will be better.
If you are the adventurous type, we have a tour guide who will take your group mountain climbing or hiking.

San Francisco
DON’T rent a car. Hotels will charged you as much as $60/night for parking.
DO use the public transportation.
DO spend a few extra days exploring areas outside of the city.
Napa Valley is only 90 minutes for San Francisco or Drive south along the Pacific Coast.