Looking for an alternative to the typical health club? Check out NX Level

WAUKESHA -- Brian Kramp spent the morning at NX Level Sports Performance. NX Level offers sports performance training for male and female athletes, middle school through college, and professional athletes that choose sports as their career. We also train many adults who are looking for an alternative to the typical health club.

About NX Level (website)

More than 200 athletes who have trained at NX Level since 2005 have gone on to play at the collegiate and professional levels. Many more have taken their play to the next level! The keys to an athlete's success go beyond the practice and drills they do for a single sport. It takes a depth of skills and abilities to bring an athlete from average to exceptional. Only by improving all parts of the physical system will an athlete reach the next level of success. NX Level's "holistic" approach to training is vital for athletes of all ages, abilities and sports to improve speed, flexibility, strength, nutrition, kinesthetic awareness and body composition. These variables are important for the sport-specific skills needed to compete while minimizing the potential for injury.

You can become a better athlete, build your body, increase your speed, enhance your cardio-vascular health, improve self confidence, develop a more positive attitude and self image and build a work ethic that remains with you for life. There is so much you can derive from being part of the NX Level family!