It's not your ordinary bowl of Ramen noodles: Check out new restaurant Yokohama

MILWAUKEE -- It's not your ordinary bowl of Ramen noodles. Chef Mike Huber and Sean Wille join FOX6 WakeUp to tell us about the new restaurant Yokohama.

About Yokohama (website)

Recently, the team at StandEatDrink Hospitality traveled to Yokohama, Japan where we learned the story of ramen founder Ozaki Kenichi. In 1910, this former customs agent from Yokohama, opened the first known Ramen shop in the Asakusa district of Old Tokyo. After numerous bowls of deliciousness and unable to part ways with the story or the ramen, we thought, "we have to take this home."
So we did. And we brought some amazing craft cocktails from Asia-Pacific with us.
Enjoy Milwaukee!