It's National Wine Day! Pick the perfect bottle on a budget -- but how?

MILWAUKEE -- It's time to crack open bottle because it's National Wine Day! Phil Bilodeau, the proprietor of Thief Wine, joins FOX6 WakeUp with details on how you can pick the perfect bottle on a budget.

About Thief Wine Shop & Bar (website)

We're a boutique fine wine shop and bar, featuring eclectic and distinctive wines from all over the world. (Don't worry - we have craft beers and spirits to meet all your needs as well). We love what we do, turning people on to great wine and giving every customer the best possible experience. We look forward to seeing you!

The Name
Why Thief? "Thief" refers to a barrel thief, which is a long glass tube used to extract maturing wine from barrels for sampling at a winery. We chose the name to reflect that special insider experience, giving you access to wines you might not otherwise discover. Plus, the name's fun and interesting, hopefully evocative and memorable, not stuffy or boring - exactly what wine should be.