If you're looking to get moving, this may be the perfect activity for you

MILWAUKEE -- If you're looking to get out and get moving, Carl may have the perfect activity for you. He's getting into the swing of things with the dancers of Cream City Swing.

About Cream City Swing (website)

Cream City Swing was founded in 1998 by Lars & Patty “Kitty” Russell, who started dancing for fun and were hooked within 2 weeks of their first outing. Thus, Cream City Swing was born!

Over the years Cream City Swing has danced at many locations around Milwaukee, including the Old Puddler's Hall, the Norway House, the Schwabenhof, many different Knights of Columbus halls, Hot Water, and the Bay View Brew Haus. We even danced at Red Arrow Park in downtown Milwaukee, which held weekly, outdoor, Saturday evening dances in the summer before the ice skating rink was installed. These dances were so successful that the local radio station, WKLH, mentioned the exciting activity on air and the then Mayor Norquist personally came to see what it was all about. Caravans to Chicago for dances became a regular weekly activity in conjunction with the (now defunct) Lindy Underground dances and lessons.

In 2000, Cream City Swing organized the first Milwaukee Lindy Exchange, which hopped around to all the local outdoor live music in the daytime and then off to a hall at night with DJ'ed music into the wee morning hours. The Milwaukee Lindy Exchange was organized again in 2010 & 2011, featuring local venues and musical talent, drawing people to Milwaukee from all over the Midwest region.