Heartfelt & humorous: Get a behind the scenes look at "The Snow"

MILWAUKEE -- Hopefully we're done with the snow for the season -- but you can see plenty of it inside the Marcus Center for First Stage's heartfelt and humorous show. That's where Laura spent the morning getting a behind the scenes look at "The Snow."

The Snow (website)

When an epic snowfall seemingly imprisons the residents of the tiny village of Kishka, young Theodore Sutton proposes the villagers build a catapult to fling him and send six of the village’s bravest and strongest out over the snow in search of a solution. The catapult is hastily assembled, and Theodore and the heroes are launched over the snow and into the grandest of adventures. Whimsical and humorous, dark and mysterious, heartfelt and sincere, this world premiere play weaves a fantastical Grimmsian tale for the entire family. Please note: Theodore's journey leads him to confront danger, loss and the darkness.