Have a sweet tooth: Check out these 2 local vendors

GLENDALE -- Brian Kramp spent the morning featuring two local vendors: Sweet Heat Chocolates and Sugar & Flour Bakery.

About Sugar & Flour Bakery (website)

Since 2010 Sugar & Flour Bakery has been creating a wonderful selection of delectable cookies and pastries. By delivering so many creative and delicious treats over the years, from small personal orders to wedding parties and massive corporate gift orders, Sugar & Flour has amassed hundreds of designs and thousands of smiles!

Peruse our existing collection of designs or contact us today to get your own personal or corporate design shipped out to you in as little as two days.

About Sweet Heat Chocolates (website)

Sweet Heat Chocolates is a small specialty chocolate shop located in the Village of Greendale, Wisconsin. All of the chocolate are handmade. Sweet Heat infuses the heat of peppers into the chocolate. Don't worry, it only hurts of a bit...