Hands-on art instruction: Details on one day camp for kids at Uptown Art

SUSSEX -- Kramp spent the morning at Uptown Art for their summer kids one day camp. Their studios provide hands-on art instruction, paint supplies, canvases, aprons and everything you need to have a great time and create your masterpiece.

About Uptown Art (website)

Uptown Art opened its doors in 2012 and has brought the love and enjoyment of art to thousands, now in 22 locations across the United States. Tiffany Nesmith and Vicki Meads are the founders and co-CEOs of Uptown Art. Their desire was to design a creative business that also offered a social outlet for customers. Its casual, learning environment allows art enthusiasts to follow step-by-step while painting their own masterpiece. “We love to see new artists attend our classes and leave with a finished painting. Their smiles tell it all!” says Vicki.  “Not only do they create their own painting, it is also about their experience.