Grohmann Museum to celebrate working past with Lost Arts Festival

MILWAUKEE -- On Saturday, Sept. 29 -- MSOE's Grohmann Museum will transform into a laboratory for the "lost arts." From blacksmiths and shoe carvers -- to lace makers and sculptors -- artisans will be taking you back in time during the ninth annual Lost Arts Festival. Kasey spent the morning at the museum connecting the past with the present!

'Lost Arts bring Grohmann Museum to life' (website)

Celebrate the working past at the Grohmann Museum’s Lost Arts Festival. The museum hosts its ninth annual festival celebrating the activities and ways of work captured in the paintings and bronzes in its permanent collection. Artisans will share their expertise and demonstrate their techniques as the museum and its surroundings become a laboratory for the creation of “Lost Arts.” It is a fun and affordable family activity and gives visitors the opportunity to see some of the lost arts of the past.

About Grohmann Museum (website)

The Grohmann Museum Collection “Man at Work” is comprised of more than 1,300 paintings and sculptures from 1580 to the present. They reflect a variety of artistic styles and subjects that document the evolution of organized work—from farming and mining to trades as glassblowing and seaweed gathering. Later, it is machines and men embodying the paradoxes of industrialism– dark factory interiors with glowing molten metal juxtaposed with workers.

The festival takes place Saturday, Sept. 29 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Grohmann Museum, located at 1000 N. Broadway.