Grilling this weekend? Before you do, check out Held's Meat Market in Slinger

SLINGER -- Kramp spent the morning at Held's Meat Market in Slinger getting cookout ideas for Memorial Day weekend. Held's has been family-owned and operated since 1886 when it was started by Adam Held.

About Held's Meat Market (website)

Welcome to Held’s Meat Market website! Held’s has been family owned and run since the year 1886 when it was started by Adam Held.  We make our own products from U.S. beef and pork.

Since our start, we have not changed the process by how we smoke our meats.  We have four concrete and tiled smoke houses where we smoke all of our products over an open fire of logs and sawdust.  This gives our products a taste that can never be duplicated in a modern smokehouse, which uses much less wood and does not give the products an old world flavor that is difficult to find these days.

Please allow 4-10 days for your product to arrive.  It takes time to make our products, and we occasionally do run out of items. For example, our beef jerky takes about one week from the time we start to trim the meat until it is ready to sell.