Fyxation Bicycle Co.: "We pride ourselves in manufacturing an affordable yet quality line of products"

MILWAUKEE -- Chip spent the morning at Fyxation Bicycle Company.  Fyxation specializes in urban and commuter bikes, parts and accessories.

Who is Fyxation? (website)

One of the things we haven’t done the best job at since launching Fyxation in 2009 is explaining who we are as a company and how it is that we got here. If you don’t care about this sort of thing, please feel free to click through our catalog and check out some of our gear. If you’re like us however, and care as much about the idea behind a brand as you do their products, kick back, relax and enjoy our story.

My brother and I started Fyxation when we released the Session 700 tire back in June 2009. Now if you think starting a new company with only a bike tire while companies like Michelin or Panasonic are your competition is a crazy idea, we couldn’t agree with you more.

At the time we launched Fyxation, Nick (the bike guy) had been living in Taiwan for 4 years working as the chief engineer for a big US based bike components company. The idea behind Fyxation and the Session 700 came from Nick who while riding the streets here in Milwaukee and Taiwan and seeing what companies were developing at the time, realized that the need existed for a durable yet stylish urban focused bicycle tire. We knew that starting a new company is hard to do and the statistics show that most new companies fail in the first year but for some reason though we thought we could pull it off so we invested in the 700x28c Session tire mold, got our first shop order (thanks Ben’s Cycles!) and were on our way. Just 2 guys and a tire!

Fast forward to today and we are proud to offer you a complete line of urban bicycle parts, accessories and as of January 2013, our own frames, forks and complete bicycles. Trying to condense the last few years of our lives onto this one page is pretty much impossible. If you ever see us around we’d be more than happy to tell you our full story. In the meantime, we hope you’ve enjoyed our products over the last few years and we can’t wait to show what we have in store.

We pride ourselves in manufacturing an affordable yet quality line of products that are as functional as they are stylish. We believe that your bicycle can be a work of art, a tool in your job, or a way to see the world through a different lens; we hope our products help make your bike look and ride the way you envisioned.