"Freshest ingredients:" Beat the summer heat with a sweet treat from Golosi Gelato Café

MILWAUKEE -- If summer is for fun in the sun and cooling down with a sweet treat, we've got a place for you. Carl spent the morning checking out an authentic Italian Gelato place in Oconomowoc called Golosi Gelato Café.

About Golosi Gelato Café (website)

Our authentic artisan Italian gelato is made with pride because we are passionate about our love for gelato. We use the freshest ingredients and the highest quality flavors to create our traditional frozen dessert. We always chose to purchase local when we can and search the world to provide our customers with authentic ingredients.   NO emulsifiers are used in our well balanced receipt!  So you'll never find Mono &  Diglycerides, Polysorbates or other types you normally see in the ingredient list of  ice cream or gelato competitors.  I am from a second generation gelato makers and I learned from my father the right way. He always followed the classic and natural ways. So if you ask me the most healthy flavor from my personal list of recipes, I will be glad to help you to find the most simple and natural from my favorite recipes from the old Italian classic or the most trendy and popular flavors.