Free Flower Friday: Flowers for Dreams is spreading cheer across Milwaukee

MILWAUKEE -- Flowers for Dreams is spreading cheer across Milwaukee. Evan Peterson spent the morning at the Milwaukee Public Market to tell us about Free Flower Friday.

About Flowers for Dreams (website)

Flowers for Dreams started as an unassuming college project. We set out to sell a few hundred roses to parents outside a high school graduation ceremony. The plan was to use half the profit to upgrade our college diets from frozen pizza to takeout, and the other half to buy backpacks for the low income students we tutored during summer. Make a little money and make a difference.

A couple of neighboring high school’s got wind of the concept, invited us to their ceremonies, and a summer business was born. Not even two months later, we’d donated a total of 600 backpacks. Unbeknownst to us, we’d become a successful case study in profit and purpose working together.