Feeling a little blue this holiday season? This book might help

MILWAUKEE -- Feeling a little blue this holiday season? Author Christel Wendelberger joins FOX6 WakeUp to tell us about her new book "Mindful Gratitude."

About Christel Wendelberger (website)

Christel B. Wendelberger is a writer and communications consultant living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She is the founder of Forward Communications, a firm specializing in strategic communications, executive coaching, fund development, and writing services for non-profit organizations.

As a strategic thought and communications specialist, Christel has a guiding faith in the essential goodness and infinite potential of every individual to play a transformational role in his or her own inner life, family, community and the world. Her work reflects a deep belief that within every individual and organization there exists a treasure trove of ideas that when deeply explored and clearly articulated represent the seeds of human progress.

Christel also leads dynamic interactive seminars on grant writing, philanthropy, and mindfulness. Mindful Gratitude: Practicing the Art of Appreciation is now a unique workshop and retreat designed for workplaces, community centers, and other groups.

Christel is married to her best friend and is the mother of three miraculous children whose sheer existence is a source of endless gratitude.