Explore the wonderful world of invertebrates at Wehr Nature Center’s Bug Day

MILWAUKEE -- Are your kids curious about the natural world around them? Explore the wonderful world of invertebrates at Wehr Nature Center’s Bug Day celebration! That's where Carl spent the morning getting a preview.

Highlights include:

  • Join the “Bug Whisperer” for his high energy show (at 1:30 pm) “Who Wants to be an Entomologist?” You’ll love this hands on tour of the stranger-than-fiction world of insects and insect relatives! (Weather permitting)

  • Sample Creepy Crawly Cuisine Cooked by Chef Bill (yes, we will be cooking bugs)

  • Meet live cockroaches, walking sticks, and praying mantids in the live insect zoo.

  • Meet renowned Lepidopterist (Butterfly specialist) Phil Holzbauer and his exhibit featuring Butterflies from around the World.

  • Learn how to turn your back yard into a butterfly garden. Insect experts will be on hand to answer your bugging questions

  • Take your family on an insect discovery walk and catch some local arthropods.

  • Meet a Bed Bug Sniffing Dog. Cute and cuddly, but when it comes to bed bugs, its all business.

  • Bring the camera as Kids get to dress up as their favorite bug with Dr. Arthra Pod

Fee information:

$3 per person
$2 FOW members
$3 parking fee