Eighth graders are using fluid power to solve an engineering problem

WAUKESHA -- Chip spent the morning at the NFPA Fluid Power Challenge -- which is a competition where eighth graders use fluid power to solve an engineering problem.

NFPA Fluid Power Challenge (website)

The NFPA Fluid Power Challenge is a competition that challenges eighth grade students to solve an engineering problem using fluid power. They work in teams to design and build a fluid power mechanism, and then compete against other teams in a timed competition.

The NFPA Fluid Power Challenge:

  • Actively engages students in learning about fluid power.

  • Gives support and resources to teachers for science and technology curriculum.

  • Creates a learning environment where math and science are fun.

  • Encourages students to acquire a diversity of teamwork, engineering and problem-solving skills.

  • Introduces eighth graders to careers in the fluid power industry.

  • Helps build a strong workforce for tomorrow.