Eat what you Grow! Milaeger's offers more than 250 varieties of tomatoes, peppers and herbs

RACINE -- If you enjoy fresh food it may be time to grow your own -- and Milaeger’s is making it easy by having what you need. Brian Kramp is in Racine with more than 250 varieties of tomatoes, peppers and herbs. 

Milaeger's History (website)

In A little 8' by 12' hobby greenhouse in the backyard of Dan and Joan Milaeger was the seed that grew into the Milaeger's of today.  Ten years later, the couple offered their first crop of annuals from a 30' by 90' greenhouse at the newly purchased Douglas Avenue site.

In the 1950s, before the Milaeger business was started, Dan and Joan Milaeger supplemented their income by making winter grave decorations such as evergreen sprays (or blankets) and wreaths, which they placed on graves for their customers who wanted a decoration on the graves of their family members at Christmas. Joan also made corsages that she sold to drug stores, dime stores, and corner bars.

Their creativity, energy and spirit of willingness to do whatever was right for the customer propelled the business into continued expansion.  Today the company has over 90 greenhouses that are open to any gardener who seeks the pure enjoyment of viewing a crop of color in its growing environment. Thousands of specialty annuals, bedding plants, vegetables, perennials and pot crops such as poinsettias are carefully nurtured, offering the consumer the widest array of plant material in the Midwest.