Do More 24 Racine is a '24-hour online fundraiser powered by United Way'

RACINE -- Brian Kramp spent the morning at the Racine County Food Bank for Do More 24 Racine with the United Way of Racine County. Do More 24 Racine is the first 24-hour event of this kind coordinated by United Way of Racine County.

FAQ about DO MORE 24 Racine (website)

When is DO MORE 24 Racine?

DO MORE 24 Racine runs from NOON to NOON May 17-18.

Why is the fundraiser only 24 hours?

The goal is to get donors to focus on one 24-hour period of giving to create the greatest impact together as a community.

Who is participating in DO MORE 24 Racine?

More than 60+ verified local nonprofit organizations classified by the IRS as a 501(c)(3). The Racine County nonprofits

How can I support DO MORE 24 Racine?

Visit search for a participating local nonprofit (or as many as you’d like to help out) and make a donation. 24 hours. One community. Real impact. That’s what DO MORE 24 Racine is all about.