Discover the boutique style hotel rooms at Sheridan's

Tony introduces you to Sheridan's in Cudahy, a hidden jewel on the south shore. Watch Tony prepare Sheridan's signature papillote, and see the tour of thier boutique style hotel rooms. More about Sheridans: Sheridan's definitely has historical appeal. It began as "The Lakeview Inn" established in 1911 by owner, Frank Sztukowski. In 1920, the old wooden structure was replaced and named "The Sheridan Hotel" and "Palm Gardens" tavern.  In 1968, it was remodeled and named "The Fountain Blue." In 2007, the name "Sheridan's" was revived by proud new owners, Lee Barczak and Jane Schilz.  The building underwent a complete renovation to create this stylish boutique hotel and American bistro for all to enjoy.