Devon Seafood & Steaks to host "Sip & Paint" Party

MILWAUKEE -- What better way to release your inner artist than with some good wine and delicious food? Artist Gina Papart and Executive Chef Tony Hargove share a preview of what to expect at Devon Seafood & Steak's Sip & Paint Party in Glendale.

Devon & Steak Sip & Paint Party


Seafood recipe


· 2.5 oz of salmon
· 2tsp scallions
· 3 oz cured shrimp
· .25 cup ceviche pico (jalapeno, shallots, red pepper)
· 2 tbl mango
· 1 oz ginger vinaigrette
· 2 slices jalapeno
· 6 wonton crisps, seasoned with Japanese 7 spice


1. On the right side of the plate, lay smoked salmon slices as flat as possible, so there is no visible plate showing through.
2. Scatter scallions over smoked salmon.
3. In a mixing bowl, toss shrimp with the pico, mango and vinaigrette.
4. Neatly lay ceviche in a diagonal row going from top to bottom and from left to right directly on top of smoked salmon.
5. Top ceviche with sliced jalapenos.
6. Stack wonton crisps to the left of the ceviche in a randomized vertical stack.
7. Serve and enjoy!