CrossFit: Their workouts provide a platform that empower you to conquer your limits

WAUKESHA -- Brian Kramp spent the morning at CrossFit Waukesha. Their workouts provide a platform that empower you to conquer your limits with focus on functional movements.

About CrossFit (website)

Constantly Varied

ROUTINE IS THE ENEMY! Our bodies adapt quickly to stimulus, meaning, if you do the same thing every day, your results will drop off quickly as your body adapts. By constantly varying our workouts, our bodies are constantly adapting and improving. Rarely will you do the same workout twice, other than the benchmark WOD’s to measure your progress.

Functional Movements

CrossFit is FUNCTIONAL FITNESS! Humans are anatomically engineered to perform functional movements at high intensity. These fundamental movements are necessary in every day life and always have been. Think back to the caveman days. People needed to be fit in order to survive. Things like running, jumping, climbing, lifting, and throwing were all parts of daily routine. How does this apply to me and why do I need to do these things? Do you ever pick up anything heavy off the ground? That’s a DEAD LIFT. Do you ever sit down in a chair and stand up? That’s a SQUAT. Do you ever pick up anything off the ground and place it overhead? That’s a CLEAN & PRESS.

High Intensity

DO MORE WORK IN LESS TIME! Intensity is the key to physical adaptation. Ever wonder why you don’t see the results you want from your daily walks or gym routine? Increase the intensity and vary your movements and you will start seeing results. By performing tasks at your peak capacity on a daily basis, you’re providing your body the opportunity to adapt and increase your work capacity. General Physical Preparedness: