'Coming to shine:' The fashion-forward store in Milwaukee famous for the $100 hookup

MILWAUKEE -- It's the night where high school kids really get to dress to impress: prom! And these days guys are turning it up a notch. Brian Kramp went out in search of the perfect suit and found the styles have really changed since his high school days.

Nikki Stephens is the owner of Nikovanni's Formal Wear in Milwaukee's Grand Avenue Mall. For the past eight years, they've been known for a unique selection of shoes, apparel, and...

"Nikavonni's is known for our one hundred dollar hook up. That's basically a suit, shirt, tie and shoes. The suits come in a variety of colors and you can get then from red, to white, black, whatever you prefer." said Nikki.

High school students don't have a ton of money and the hook up is a way for kids on the budget not to dress like they're on a budget. If you want to spent more than one hundred bucks and go beyond the basic suit, things get a bit more flashy.