Chip talks BMX, skateboards and graffiti while visiting the Pershing Skateboard Park

The cool weather is perfect for those more intense outdoor sports, like skateboarding. Chip hangs at Pershing Park Skateboard Park to talk BMX, skateboards and graffiti. According to their website, the park is 18,000 square feet and features various ramps, a street course, and beginner’s area. Racine Skateboard Park hours are 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. in the spring, summer and fall. The park is not supervised . . . you skateboard at your own risk!

This is your skate park. Help preserve the park by:

* Protecting it from graffiti and abuse
* Respecting the neighbors by keeping noise to a minimum
* Inspecting the premises before use and removing debris that could interfere with safe use of the facility
* Being courteous to other skaters
* Not bringing food or glass into the facility

Community Benefits

* Provides a safe alternative to street skating and biking.
* Aesthetically pleasing addition to Pershing park.
* Excellent community support for our youth.

Youth Benefits

* Positive youth activity for all ages.
* Improves athletic abilities
* Builds positive peer support and self-esteem
* Designed to advance skill levels