Boomerang Bags is 'a grassroots community driven global movement of reusable bags'

MILWAUKEE -- Brian Kramp spent the morning at Outpost Natural Foods in Bay View to preview Boomerang Bags -- a global movement of reusable bags.

About Boomerang Bags (website)

In 2018, our Bay View location will be introducing Boomerang Bags; a grassroots community driven global movement of reusable bags. Bags are sewn by volunteers using donated fabric and cloth and are free for customers to use and bring back (like a boomerang). The goal is to reduce plastic (and paper) bags and engaging our great co-op community.

To learn more visit

To get started, we are doing a call out for donations.

Here's what we need:

  • CLEAN fabric: upholstery, clothing, sheets, pillow cases, muslin- NO towels or small scraps

  • SEWING SUPPLIES: thread, bobbins, sewing pins, safety pins, scissors, fabric measuring tape, pin cushions

  • CUTTING SUPPLIES: quilters cutting mat, roller cutter, electric fabric cutter, square and clear rulers

  • IRONING SUPPLIES: small ironing board, iron

If you have any of these items are willing to donate them, please drop them off at the Bay View Community Room.

Please join us for our Sewing Bees in the Bay View Community Room! You don't have to know how to sew! We can still use your help. Come join in the fun in 2018: