Behind the scenes look at how DESCO makes deep sea diving equipment

MILWAUKEE -- Chip spent the morning at Diving Equipment & Supply Company (DESCO).  They make old fashioned deep sea diving helmets. The helmets they make are used in movies -- and Desco is a resource for writers, historians, artists and filmmakers.

Diving Equipment & Supply Company (DESCO) (website)

Diving Equipment & Supply Company (DESCO) was formed in 1937 as the manufacturer of the newly designed diving equipment by Max Nohl and Jack Browne. John Craig collaborated with Nohl and Browne, and participated in the research and developments. Mr. Norman Kuehn, a Milwaukee businessman, largely financed the new corporation. Browne and Nohl became its first full-time employees. Browne was also one of its shareholders. The company was set up in the rear of Kuehn Rubber Company on North 4th Street in Milwaukee. Norman Kuehn was made Vice-President of the firm.