Are all vegetables created equal? Healthy answers from a Metro Market dietitian

MILWAUKEE -- Are all vegetables created equal? Metro Market dietitian Tatiana Castellino joins FOX6 WakeUp with the answer.


    Dirty Dozen Clean Fifteen
    Apple Avocado
    Peach Sweet Corn
    Nectarine Pineapple
    Strawberry Cabbage
    Grapes Sweet Peas (frozen)
    Celery Onions
    Spinach (conventional) Asparagus
    Sweet Bell Peppers Mango
    Cucumbers Papaya
    Cherry Tomatoes Kiwi
    Snap Peas (imported) Eggplant
    Potatoes Grapefruit
    + Hot Peppers Cantaloupe
    + Kale/Collard Greens Cauliflower
      Sweet Potato