Advanced Pain Management warns of seasonal pain, long-term associated effects

MILWAUKEE -- We've already had to deal with snow, and it's not even officially winter, so we know more will be on the way. Dr. Joseph Reyes from Advanced Pain Management joins FOX6 WakeUp joins FOX6 WakeUp with shoveling safety tips.

Advanced Pain Management (APM) urges all Milwaukee-area residents, especially those with existing chronic pain, to practice preventative measures and proper hazard responses while enduring this extended winter season.

APM advises that people take preventative measures before and when taking part in winter activities to avoid injury or worsening existing conditions. Preventative measures include warming the body up before strenuous activity, drinking water, taking multiple breaks, using proper technique when lifting or pushing, pacing oneself, monitoring body temperature and heart rate, and resisting extreme pressure and weight on the back, shoulders, and elbows.