A scary-good haunted house: 'The Haunt' has been scaring people for the past 12 years

CEDARBURG -- Brian Kramp spent the morning at The Haunt at the Ozaukee County fairgrounds in Cedarburg. The haunted house is open Friday and Saturday nights. The Haunt has been scaring people for the past 12 years.

About The Haunt (website)

What are the average wait times?

Wait times average 20-45 minutes, but can increase on extra busy nights.

About how long does it take to go through The Haunt?

The length of time it takes to get through The Haunt can vary greatly depending on the number of people visiting the haunted house on any given night. That said, we recommend setting aside one to two hours to visit The Haunt.  The actual time spent in the Haunt is about 20-25 minutes.

Can I buy tickets ahead of time?

YES - Beginning in late September, 2018
Although not yet live, tickets will be available for purchase here on The Haunt website. Also - groups of 10+ that register ahead of time can still get VIP service.
Learn more about VIP Groups here.