Grandson helps 95-year-old experience Lambeau for 1st time: 'Brought me down for my birthday'

GREEN BAY -- A Wisconsin man waited 95 years before he ever got to see his beloved Green Bay Packers play in person. On Thursday night, Sept. 26, he walked into historic Lambeau Field for the first time, as his grandson helped him celebrate his birthday in a very special way.

At 95 years old, Jesse Heisz walked up each ramp at Lambeau Field to see the Packers play for the first time with childlike excitement.

"He brought me down for my birthday party," said Heisz of his grandson.

When he finally got to his seat and looked out at the field, it was a sight he'd never seen in person.

"No... on television, yeah," said Heisz.

Thanks to his grandson, Brian Gustafson, he was able to see his first Packers game, and it all happened because of a chance meeting with a man from Kentucky, and a little Midwestern nice.

"I'm a truck driver," said Gustafson. "He was a truck driver. We owe this day to them. I really appreciate it."

The two truck drivers had dinner together and talked about their shared love for the Packers.

"He told me that he knew a guy who had some tickets," said Gustafson.

That guy was Matt Jones, and when Jones told his friend about the Wisconsin native who had never been to a Packers game, Mitchell Smith made it happen.

"It's unusual, at least for me," said Gustafson. "I don't know about the other guys."

Gustafson did something that day that he doesn't normally do.

"He said, 'Well, let me take your information,' and on a whim, I kinda went out of my comfort zone and gave him my phone number," said Gustafson.

It was all worth it to see the smile on his grandpa's face.

"It's nothing like I've ever experienced before," said Gustafson.

"I don't have no favorite player," said Heisz. "I just like to watch the game, that's all.

Heisz didn't let his age slow him down -- even taking part in a tailgate before the game.