Open Record: Reckless driving

We're in a year dominated by the coronavirus pandemic, calls for police reform, and a presidential election. All of this is happening while the city of Milwaukee is seeing another surge in reckless driving deaths. It's one of the most vexing issues still facing Milwaukee. The Milwaukee Police Department recently renewed efforts to target reckless driving in the city with extra traffic patrols. Where is the reckless driving happening and who does it affect the most? In this edition of Open Record, FOX6 Investigators Bryan Polcyn and Amanda St. Hilaire dig into the problem.

Bryan's most recent investigation finds the deadly toll reckless driving is taking is only getting worse. You'll learn why it's so challenging to define reckless driving and when it started becoming a serious issue in Milwaukee. Bryan also explains the series of recommendations made by a special task force and how a recent report lays it all out.

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