Wisconsin delegation stays busy during Isaac Convention delay

TAMPA -- It appears Tropical Storm Isaac will give Tampa -- the home of the Republican National Convention -- a glancing blow at best. The Convention's first day (Monday, August 28th) was canceled due to Isaac worries, and the Convention is set to officially kick off Tuesday, August 28th. The Wisconsin delegation is eager to get the festivities underway.

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus got things started Monday afternoon, but minutes later, the Convention was in recess because of the threat of unpredictable weather due to Isaac. Most of Monday's events were postponed.

The Wisconsin delegation gathered for a breakfast meeting Monday morning, followed by a group photo and a chance to hang out in the hotel.

"If they say 'stay in the hotel,' we'll stay in the hotel. We use the opportunity of a little downtime to share ideas," Wisconsin Delegate Kathy Kiernan said.

Delegate Crystal Berg of the Town of Erin said the delay has done nothing to curb her enthusiasm.

"We go on the wings of the Lord and he will take care of everybody and may he do the same for everybody who is affected by Issac," Berg said.

The group met with two of the biggest names in Republican politics, who also happen to be two of the biggest names in Wisconsin politics.

"Between Paul Ryan and Scott Walker and our good great huge army on the ground, we're going to Win Wisconsin," Reince Priebus said.

"It's the five R's,  It's Reince and the RNC, Romney and Ryan -- kinda nice to say Ryan. It's the RGA and Robin and the majorities we're going to hold in the Assembly and the state Senate," Gov. Scott Walker said.

Gov. Walker was losing his voice Monday -- a day before he will give the most important speech of his life.

"As long as it's not tomorrow night. It's one of those early in the morning sometimes allergies I get a little bit of that thankfully, our voice is stronger than just our vocal chords. Our voice is strong, not just with me but others talking about  who Mitt Romney is, who Paul Ryan is, and I think that's a powerful voice whether your throat cooperates or not," Gov. Walker said.

Gov. Walker will give a prime time address to the Convention Tuesday night.

As for Isaac, President Barack Obama has declared a state of emergency in Louisiana. The storm is expected to be a hurricane when it hits Louisiana Tuesday, August 28th. The storm has caused widespread flooding in Florida.

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