Veterans come home, proudly serve with TSA

MILWAUKEE -- Still proudly serving! Many veterans have so much pride in our country and security that they continue wanting to share their services even after retiring. Their positions at Milwaukee’s airport are helping many fill that void.

At General Mitchell International Airport it’s common to see workers in uniform, but many of these employees share a common bond of wearing a military one in the past.

“TSA and the military are similar in many ways and attracts many of the same kind of people who are looking to serve their country,” said Susan Labinski. She is one of more than 60 veterans employed by TSA at the airport. Labinski added, “We’re all geared to work together as a team to accomplish a mission and ours is obviously to protect the traveling public.” She and other veterans are seen on the concourse in more ways than one.

“It makes me feel proud that  they’re able to show we’re doing our job to help,” said Andrew Weber. Weber is a Korean War Veteran and has been with TSA for 10 years and says the job fulfills a desire in servicemen, “When we had 9/11 we all wanted to do our part to help and to get back into the system and back into  the security process and a lot of us did come over and join in to be on TSA.”

Weber like many others are thankful the TSA has been such an advocate to those who have served our country. “They still want to feel that they are serving and it gives them a chance to express that and to do that,” he said.

As an added bonus they get a nostalgic glimmer as military members pass through as they travel between assignments.  “It’s a pleasure for us to see them come through. I think most of us being veterans will take a moment out of our day to engage them in conversation and find out where they’re going and how long they’ve  been in and how their career is going in the service,” added Army veteran Steven Kitelinger.

The job helps them continue a have a sense of pride and camaraderie. Nationwide, about 25% of employees are veterans.