Two Nicolet students arrested for Homecoming week vandalism

GLENDALE -- FOX6's media partners at the Fox Point Patch report two students were arrested by Glendale police for vandalizing Nicolet High School during Homecoming week.

Police say a tip from an anonymous Nicolet student led to the arrests.

Police say one of the suspects is a 17-year-old Nicolet student -- the other a 17-year-old Glendale resident who attends an Ozaukee County school.

Nicolet's Homecoming pep rally was cancelled due to a "possible disruption." School officials say the vandalism included a broken window, a teacher's laptop tossed into the pool and a stolen mannequin hung outside the office with the principal's name on it.

According to the Fox Point Patch, the Nicolet student told police he vandalized the press box at the school, and then met up with the second student and the two decided to go back to the school to do more damage.

The two reportedly headed to the school's roof, where they painted vulgar statements and then found an unlocked door leading into the pool area.

The student reportedly told police the vandalism was meant to be a "senior prank."

The Fox Point Patch reports the Nicolet student was cited for criminal damage to property. This teen has no criminal record. The Ozaukee County student was cited for criminal tresspass to dwelling and criminal damage to property. According to police, this teen has several open cases, including possession of drug paraphernalia, underage alcohol consumption, and disobeying a police officer from August 2011, underage alcohol consumption from September 2011, and underage alcohol consumption from September 2012.

This vandalism followed another incident at Nicolet in which several senior students dressed up for Homecoming week festivities according to their own theme, "LaX bros and preppy hoes."  The official theme for the entire school that day was "pajama day."

Students say some of the girls were forced to change their clothes and the student council president was disciplined.

“I didn’t realize it would ever escalate to this level.  I was totally shocked.  It’s nothing I would have ever expected to happen in our school,” Kymberlee Rosen, a Nicolet parent said.