'Too close to home:' 3 shot, wounded while sitting in car near 38th and Cherry in Milwaukee

MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee police are searching for a gunman after a car was shot up near 38th and Cherry late Thursday, Oct. 2. Three people were wounded in the incident.

"Five shots going out. Police were going through the yards finding casings," said John Patton.

According to police, there were four individuals seated in a vehicle when an unknown suspect(s) approached the vehicle and fired shots -- causing non-life threatening injuries to three of the four persons inside. All three victims were adults -- one was 19, the other two were 20 years old.

Triple shooting near 38th and Cherry in Milwaukee

"It's terrible. The city has gotten to the point where it's an everyday thing," Patton said.

Patton told FOX6 News he was dropping off his son when he said he heard at least five gunshots. He saw police arrest someone.

"They were chasing the guy," Patton said.

Triple shooting near 38th and Cherry in Milwaukee

However, police say they are still searching for the person who pulled the trigger.

Triple shooting near 38th and Cherry in Milwaukee

"It's crazy because we stand on this bus stop every morning. It's too close to home," said Marquica Woods, who lives nearby.

Those learning of the shooting are unsettled by the violence.

"I walk her to the bus stop every morning. You never know. It's too much going on in the world today," Woods said.

Again, all three victims are expected to survive. Police say the fourth person in the vehicle was not harmed. The motive for the shooting is under investigation.

If you have information that could help Milwaukee police in their investigation, you are urged to call 414-935-7360.