"Terrible:" Dispute between families leads to double shooting; man killed, 13-year-old girl hurt

MILWAUKEE -- A 13-year-old girl was injured by gunfire on Saturday night, July 9th in Milwaukee -- and a 46-year-old man was killed.

The double shooting happened shortly before 11:00 p.m. near 7th and Center.

Police say the shooting was the result of a family dispute -- involving two families from two separate homes. Police say the dispute quickly escalated into a physical fight.

Shooting near 7th and Center

Neighbors reported hearing arguing before gunfire rang out.

Shooting near 7th and Center

Hattie Polk lives next door to the home where police say the shooting happened.

"It`s terrible, because I talk to them every day," Polk said.

Another neighbor told FOX6 News he was woken up Saturday night by the chaos.

"I saw the lights coming through the window and that`s when I looked outside and saw the cops pointing towards the end of the block," a neighbor named John G. said.

Shooting near 7th and Center

Police say during the fight, a suspect pulled out a gun and fired several shots.

A 46-year-old man, later identified as John Garrett, was killed. A 13-year-old girl was taken to the hospital, where she was treated for a non-life threatening injury.

"He was a good, loving guy -- a family man, and that`s what he was about. He was about protecting his family," a neighbor said of the victim.

Shooting near 7th and Center

FOX6 News spoke with a man who said the 46-year-old victim was his cousin.

"When things happen like that and it just comes out of nowhere, it`s difficult to accept," the man said.

Shooting near 7th and Center

"To hear that it`s a family dispute would explain why the shooting happened -- but it`s sad that someone died and a 13-year-old got shot," a neighbor said.

Shooting near 7th and Center

The 13-year-old girl was said to be doing fine after treatment at the hospital.

An adult male suspect has been taken into custody and charges are pending at the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office.

Shooting near 7th and Center