Shoppers seek out the best deals during Black Friday

BROOKFIELD (WITI) -- Black Friday is a day known for long lines and stores crowded with shoppers searching for the best bargains -- but with many retailers opening on Thanksgiving night, the recent push of Shop Local Saturday, and Cyber Monday, is the day losing its luster?

Shoppers say no.

"I don't think it so much dilutes the focus on Black Friday, I think that it just gives consumers more options and I think it gives better competition and better prices for the consumers," said Peter Geipel.

Bargain hunters say stores opening early gives them a chance to get the best deals.

"Came here at around 10 p.m., stayed all the way through 1 a.m. and got a little sleep, and I'm back to pick up my TVs, my equipment which is an awesome stereo system," said Bob Kaelin. "Having a blast, tons of deals everywhere. It's incredible."

Other shoppers say Black Friday meets a need you can't fill online.

"More people are using the internet, more cyber minded now, but there's still the traditional shopper who likes to get out and touch things, feel them and see what they're getting for their money before it arrives on their doorstep," said David Nicholson.

Many people say having three days dedicated to shopping provides enough opportunities to see out the best bargains.