Sheriff Clarke wants to outsource bailiffs

MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke says he wants to outsource bailiffs.

Sheriff Clarke wants to use an emergency fund to hire temporary, part-time bailiffs from the security company firm G4S, formerly known as Wackenhut.

An inspector who works with Sheriff Clarke says there is a need to cover some shifts after 48 deputies had to be laid off due to this year's budget.

At a Judiciary Committee hearing Thursday, some Milwaukee County supervisors brought up concerns regarding Sheriff Clarke's proposal.

"To have rent-a-cops protecting our judiciary is a very bad idea, and if the sheriff thinks it's a good idea, and if this is ultimately implemented, I hope the sheriff stands responsible for the consequences," Milwaukee County Supervisor Gerry Broderick said.

The Milwaukee Deputy Sheriff's Association says 19 deputies who were laid off could be rehired as bailiffs, instead of using and outside company.