Sheboygan County has activated "text to 911" feature

SHEBOYGAN COUNTY -- Sheboygan County has activated a "text to 911" feature as part of a radio system upgrade and combined dispatch project. That project went active as of February 14th.

To activate this feature, Sheboygan County worked with all the major cell carriers to make this feature available to their customers. Each carrier tested the feature with our Emergency Dispatch Center and all are fully functional. The following carriers are now enabled:

    The "text to 911" feature allows people with speech or hearing disabilities to initiate 911. In addition, it gives victims or witnesses an important option if they need to remain unnoticed for their own safety in situations such as a robbery or domestic abuse.

    To use this feature, the caller goes to a blank text message screen, enters  911 in the recipient or "to:" line, types a message describing the emergency and if possible, the location. An emergency dispatcher will acknowledge the 911 Text with a text message that may include questions about location and the nature of the emergency.