Semi driver arrested for OWI after slamming into man's 'childhood home'

Semi struck gas meter near 26th and Nash

MILWAUKEE -- A semi plowed into a home near 26th and Nash in Milwaukee on Sunday, Aug. 18, and police said the driver was drunk. The crash destroyed the home's front porch, and damaged the garage, and the semi also hit a gas meter.

Police arrested the driver for OWI, and witnesses said the semi driver was speeding when he slammed into the home -- and then tried getting away.

"I hear a vroom, and then I hear screech, and then I hear boom," said Michael Crockett, neighbor.

The quiet Sunday afternoon was interrupted near Crockett's home. He stepped outside to see a semi had slammed into his cousin's home next door.

"I didn't believe what I was seeing, a big semi truck sitting up under his house!" said Crockett.

The driver was still behind the wheel -- attempting to take off.

"He tried to start the truck up and try to pull out," said Crockett.

Eugene Nelson

Crockett took out his phone and snapped photos while he waited for police.

Investigators said the driver was trying to make a right turn near 26th and Nash when he lost control.

"Part of the truck is still lodged in the garage," said Eugene Nelson, homeowner.

A day later, the damage was extensive.

"This entire beam was knocked down," said Nelson. "The entire porch leveled here."

Nelson wasn't home at the time of the crash. On Monday, FOX6 found him overwhelmed by the aftermath.

"This is my childhood home," said Nelson. "This is the only home that I've known for over 50 years."

Despite the damage, Nelson was counting his blessings -- thankful the driver was arrested, and people in the neighborhood were safe.

"I'm happy that no one was injured," said Nelson. "It's a house. A house can be repaired."

Witnesses said the driver actually had alcohol in the semi. It's unclear if he was on the job at the time of the crash, or whether he works for a trucking company.