Scott family prepares to bury three young children after Racine fire

RACINE -- The Scott family is preparing to bury three young children killed in a fire in Racine early Thursday morning, November 9th. On Monday, it was announced the fire was sparked by a candle in the bathroom.

Deborah Scott and her four children were living in a home without power on Linden Avenue in Racine. Scott had reportedly just gotten a new job, and was working to restore power to the home. 

Early Thursday morning, a fire ignited by a candle claimed the lives of nine-year-old Dayja Scott and eight-year-old Dalija Scott. Seven-year-old Michael Scott was pulled from the home and taken to the hospital, where he later died. Five-year-old Luther Scott remains at the hospital, fighting for his life.

The Scott family's tragic story has struck a chord within the Racine community.

"It's a situation that they need help. For you to be on the outside of a building and hear your kids screaming on the inside, and can't get to them, I can't even imagine even to think what this family's going to go through," Arthur Reid said.

Melaine Raditz is one of Luther's teachers at Walter Goodland Elementary School. The school has been collecting clothing and other goods for their classmate.

Meanwhile, doctors say the smoke Luther inhaled still threatens his life. They are hopeful he will pull through and be home by Christmas.

"These are our kids, whether they're coming home with us or not. I think that's what the community's showing to the Scott family. They might not be related to them, but they're still family. They're part of Racine. It shows what a community this town is, and they step up for their families," Raditz said.

As Luther continues to fight in the hospital, the Scott family is preparing to bury Luther's siblings. One thing they don't have to worry about is the cost of funerals. Arthur Reid's New Golden Gate Funeral Home is donating the funerals.

"I'm a part of that community, and if I'm in the community then I need to be able to do a service in the community -- where we reach out when people need help, and this is what we do," Reid said.

Other organizations are also reaching out to help the Scott family. West Lawn Memorial Park is donating gravestones for the children. Culver's at 21st and Green Bay in Racine will be hosting a fundraiser all day Thursday, November 15th. Customers simply need to say they wish to donate to the Scott family.

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